Starting High School

Hey guys!! Another one by DaughterOfPoseidon! This is a story by me. I don't have an account so I can't have my stories in one place, so I'm keeping track of them! Here's my quizzes-stories: Who's Your Godly Parent? How Much Do You Know Greek Mythology?

Okay so I know it says DaughterOfPoseidon2. Thats me. My first quiz I made was Who's Your Godly Parent? So I thought we couldn't choose the same name... Well I know we could now, anyways, don't fall for the DaughterOfPoseidon copy cats XD

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
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  1. I stared into the glistening ocean. I just moved a few months ago and I just finished Junior High. I didn't really make that much friends since I've just moved here, but my parents said I'll make more this year. I'm not very social, so that won't really help me make new friends. But I wanna change things up a bit, be a bit more open to the world. I stood up and walked upstairs to my bedroom. I could hear my brothers playing Assasins Creed, can't they take a break from that game? I have no idea. I opened my bedroom door, and surprise, surprise! My stupid brother was snooping around my bedroom. "Ugh!! GET OUT!" I screamed. My brother just rolled his eyes. "Chill sis" he replied. "Chill? How am I supposed to chill when my brother is snooping around my bedroom?"
  2. He ignored me and joined the rest of my stupid brothers. I sighed in relief. "Finally" I said to myself. I grabbed my phone and checked to see if there's any messages. Nope. That's usually how it is nowadays, you know, since I don't have much friends. I laid down on my bed and flicked from some magazines. Sometimes I wish I was pretty like the girls in magazines. I'm pretty much known as average, or that girl I bumped into near the gym lockers. Hmm...I guess I'm just a dreamer right? I heard a vibration. 'It can't be a text, can it?' I thought. I looked over to my phone, and yes! A text!!! I smiled with joy. I haven't received a text since last month! "Wow. I-I can't believe this!" I said. I smiled as I checked the message. "YES, YES, YES!!" I screamed. I read the message over and over again; 'Hey Jamie, what's up? I know we haven't really talked to each other much... Wanna hang out this weekend?' I smiled once again, I ran out of my bedroom and ran downstairs to the kitchen, where my parents were making dinner. "Hey sweetheart, how are you?" my mom asked. I smiled, "Can I go visit my friend Jamie this weekend? PLEASE?" I asked sweetly. My dad smiled, "Of coarse! That's the first invite you had since we moved!" he said. "Thank you SO much!" I ran back upstairs and texted Abby, 'Sure!'. Another vibration came a few minutes later, I checked it again, and it was from Abby. 'Mkay.'
  3. *AFTER THE VISIT, MONDAY MORNING* *beep, beep, beep* I woke up startled and glanced at my alarm clock, I turned it off and stood up. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. Luckily, my brothers didn't hog over it. So, I got the bathroom all to myself! I looked myself in the mirror. "Ugh. First day of high school." *AFTER A FEW MINUTES* I ran downstairs and ate some cereal. "Morning Jamie." my mom said. I smiled, "Morning". "Hurry up, you're gonna be late." I nodded and grabbed my backpack. I ran through the door and started walking. Once I reached the doors of my future school. The door burst open and hit me on the head. "OWW!!" I screamed. I rubbed my head. "Whoa!! Sorry!! You okay?" I looked up to see a guy with brown hair and glistening hazel eyes. "I-I I'm good." I said. I smiled as he offered his hand. "Thanks" I said. "Hey, maybe I can take you to class. It's the least I could do." he replied, "I'm Jason." "I'm Jamie. Nice to meet you." I said. "So did you get your schedule?" "Yeah I got it in the mail yesterday, my first class is.... English." I said. He looked over at my sheet. "Awesome!! I got the same class haha, we also got art together!" he said happily. "Naw. Really?" I laughed. He smiled and we walked to our first class.
  4. MIDDLE PAGE!! Okay so this isn't part of the story, to the people who took my quizzes (Who's Your Godly Parent? or How Much Do You Know Greek Mythology?) the How Much Do You Know Greek Mythology is by DaughterOfPoseidon2 which is also me. I don't have an account so just search my quizzes, you'll find it! Anyways, it means a lot that people actually took the time to check out my quizzes. I thank you for that. Love you guys!! BACK TO THE STORY!!!
  5. I opened the door to my first class. "And that's how- Oh! Welcome, it's nice for you to join us. Come take a seat. What are your names?" I looked at the rest of the students, their curious eyes just staring at me waiting for their answer. "Um... I'm Jamie." I said. "And I'm Jason." we both walked towards the seats where, our English teacher showed us. I took a seat near a girl wish a pink lace ribbon in her hair. She was also wearing a white Aeropostale pop on hoodie, wish extra skinny jeans and a pair of hot pink converse. "Hi, I'm Sam" she said sweetly. I smiled, "Oh hi, I'm Jamie." I said. She nodded and went back to her English textbook. *AFTER 15 MINUTES THE BELL RINGS* I looked up at the clock and it was 9:06am.
  6. I looked at my sheet to check my where my locker was. 'Locker- 1315 Combination- 24-6-78' I read. I walked over to my locker and started putting in the combination. I grabbed my gym clothes and walked towards the gym doors. I walked over to the girl's locker rooms and started changing. I heard a whistle, "HURRY UP IN THERE!" I started stuffing my clothes into my gym locker. The other girls started walking out the door so I pretty much followed. I accidentally bumped into someone when I was trying to go through the doorway. "Oops! Sorry!" I said. I saw a girl with brown hair and it was tied up in a ponytail. "Haha. That's okay. This kind of stuff usually happens- I'm Savanna" "I'm Jamie!"
  7. As we both walked into the gymnasium, I saw a basketball put down in the middle. "I'm Coach Halter. I'll be your Phys. Ed teacher, first of all, I do NOT accept non participants. I also do not accept lateness. If you choose to do either one, you will do 20 laps around the school and a lunch detention for 2 days. Are we clear?" he said. There were murmurs of "Yep", "Yeah" and "Mhmm..." a few nods were shown. "Alright. Let's go divide you up into teams, then we'll play some basketball" I nodded. "He seems nice" I looked around to see who said that. I felt a tap on my shoulder, "Looking for me?" he said. I glanced beside me, "Oh.. Hi" I said blushing. This guy was adorable. Sandy blonde hair, with a cute pair of brown eyes. "DID YOU SAY SOMETHING DYLAN?" shouted Coach Halter. Dylan shook his head. I pretty much noticed the rest of the class got divided except, me, Dylan, 2 girls and a guy from homeroom. Which, I'm guessing is a math nerd.
  8. "Well...let's go play some basketball" I thought. *AFTER 10 MINUTES* I was panting and trying to get my breath. I was dribbling towards the net, until I saw Dylan. I looked over at him and...well, how do I put this? HE HAD ONE EYE. "Dylan! Why do-" I got cut off by one of the defenders. I got pushed to the floor and got knocked out in seconds.
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! Yeah...not the best place to put it but oh well, screw it XD okay this was part 1 so just keep watching out for part 2!!!! Another one by DaughterOfPoseidon!!
  10. Alritghty well comment and rate! PEAACCEEE!!!

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