Are you gonna like highschool?

High school could be a shark pit, it may be and it may not be, now what is you position in school and how is it gonna be for you ( this is my first quiz)

Are you highschool ready? I'm sure u are you just have to become ready to enter high school, don't ever let those kids bring you down and never give into them, also highschool is not that bad.

Created by: Eri

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  1. Will you try to stand out and have fun in high school?
  2. Will you try to follow the "cool" kids just to look cool?
  3. Will you study?
  4. Will you socialize with random or old friends?
  5. Will you pay attention in class?
  6. Will you run in the hall ways screaming like a banchie and taking photos of you and your friends?
  7. How bout would you just stay quite in a class with some of your friends but not so close or would you go up and talk to them.
  8. If you don't have a class would you switch to your friends class or stay in your original class?
  9. What if you saw your friend getting hurt what would you do?
  10. You har just fallen or your friend fallen down the stairs and everybody is walking up and down the stairs and yours or the other persons books are all over

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Quiz topic: Am I gonna like highschool?