The High- school Biology quiz

Are you a born genius or a thorough reader of what has been taught in class? 'Cause a genius might not restrain from taking an easy high school level quiz like this one. Let's see if you can analyze what you've learnt in school

This small Biology quiz is for people who aspire to be doctors someday. If you love Biology and are a complete nerd, what's a better way of finding out than this quiz?

Created by: pre95
  1. which of the following plants produce non-motile male gametes?
  2. What is the study of pollen grains called?
  3. Longitudinal type of binary fission ocurrs in which organism?
  4. Which of the following is not correctly matched with its ploidy level?
  5. External Fertilization occurs in-
  6. Female sex organ in Chara is-
  7. How many true breeding varieties were studied by Mendel?
  8. The first mode of nutrition which developed on earth was-
  9. Life span of May fly is-
  10. Double endosperm is present in

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