General Biology - Module 1

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Have you been hitting your Biology books and notes hard? Try your luck at this General Biology Module 1 test and see just how smart you are! It will give you your "genius score" at the end. Good luck!

Are you a General Biology genius yet? Take this Chapter 1 quiz to find out now. You won't be disappointed. In just a few short minutes you will see how well you've been studying!

Created by: Carlie Johnson

  1. What is Biology?
  2. In the hierarchical organization of the biological world, what parts are in "The Cellular Level"?
  3. What is deductive reasoning?
  4. To maintain a constant internal environment is
  5. Scientific Theory is
  6. True or False: For a 'Scientific Method' - a series of steps MUST be rigidly followed to answer questions
  7. A hypothesis
  8. To conduct an experiment - you will need an Independent Variable, a Dependent Variable and a Control Group. What is a Control Group?
  9. The entire set of DNA instructions that specifies a cell is called a
  10. Biologists divide life's great diversity into three groups, called domains:
  11. These two are single-celled organisms (prokaryotes) with little internal structure
  12. Which is NOT a property of a living organism?

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