Molecular Biology Quiz

Molecular biology is a challenging subject of study, and this quiz is challenging indeed. But put your brain to the test and see if you can answer these questions.

Are you PhD ready or is this field too difficult for you? The only way to know is to put your knowledge of molecular biology to the test and see how you score. Don't worry, the answers are available at the end.

Created by: cerebricon
  1. The most sensitive test of Memory and Cognition is:
  2. Ad Libitum denotes
  3. Neuropathological hallmarks of AD include all of the following except:
  4. The maxilliary artery gives rise to 2 of the following arteries:
  5. An example of a family of agents that block enzymatic degradation of a neurotransmitter would be:
  6. The primary function of an astrocyte is to:
  7. True or False: Multipolar Neurons are relatively common within the CNS.
  8. The paraventricular nucleus performs the following function:
  9. The diencephalon has two noteworthy components, these are:
  10. The superior surface of the cerebrum is also known as:

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