Molecular Medicine: R.T.T.

Exams are approaching and it is almost time to pull out those pencils and begin to scratch our heads for the answers. A good way to prepare the brain is to do mock quizzes and here's one

Are you capable of doing these simple 20 questions on the topics Transcription, Replication and Translation in Molecular Medicine. Have you been listening to Dr. McLaughin? Come and find out :)

Created by: silverjovan of Do No Harm
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  1. Replication in Eukaryotes is done in a
  2. Proteins required for DNA strand separation
  3. True or false DNA helicases require energy to unwind the double strand, double helix structure of the DNA
  4. DNA topoisomerases are responsible for the releasing of supercoils within the double helix of DNA. This process requires ATP
  5. Chain elongation cannot commence without:
  6. In eukaryotes, the lagging strand is being copied in the direction away from the replication fork, resulting in formation of fragments which are
  7. Chain elongation is done by:
  8. Excision of the RNA primers in both the lagging strand and the leading strand where they are replaced by DNA is done by:
  9. Transcription requires the use of a primer as seen in replication
  10. Which of the statements is true
  11. True or false, RNA polymerase II is used by some viruses to produce viral RNA
  12. In prokaryotes, as the RNA polymerase binds to the DNA the closed complex becomes an open one, unwinding the DNA at a region known as the promoter region. This is
  13. Post transcriptional modifications consist of: 1. 5' capping 2. addition of a poly A-tail 3. removal of introns 4.the inclusions of sigma factors
  14. Match the enzyme with its specific task correctly
  15. When the codon containing the base change may code for the same amino acid, this is known as a:
  16. True or False a codon is represented in the mRNA language of adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine by the combination of three bases
  17. Which tRNA is matched to its correct site
  18. The three (3) termination codons are:
  19. Amino acid attachment site is on the
  20. True or false. There is one specific type of tRNA for each of the 20 amino acids

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