Will you survive at Adurro High School? [fun quiz]

This is pretty much just for people who are bored, and want to imagine themselves at this totally beast high school, finding true love, and making friends.

So, if you take this quiz, you'll probably enjoy it. You'll end up with either Alexx, Kash, or Nichkk. They're really great guys. Sooo yeah I hope you enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Chalala

  1. You're walking to your first day at AHS. You see the school for the first time. It looks like some kind of concert arena or something.
  2. Then you walk inside, and they're playing Never Shout Never music.
  3. You walk into the hallway and everyone looks like some kind of emo or scene or something.
  4. You go up to your locker and it's checkered black and white. Pretty cool, huh?
  5. You sit down in your first class, and this really cute guy talks to you. He has snakebites, black and blonde emo hair, and awesome skinny jeans. "Hey, are you new?" he says, and then smiles sweetly
  6. He smiles all cute again, and says "Well, I'm Alexx. I'm always here if you wanna talk."
  7. At lunch, you're looking for a place to sit. A couple people are saying you can sit with them. Who will you pick?
  8. After lunch, you're headed to your locker, when Alexx and two of his friends walk up to you. "We're really glad you transferred here." Alexx says.
  9. You've figured out by now that Alexx is one of the coolest guys in school. EVERYONE talks about him. What do YOU think of him?
  10. You're in the bathroom, when you see a popularity list written on the wall. It says: 1. Bobby 2. Kris 3. Alexx 4. Marisol 5. New girl
  11. Oh, guess what. You met another really popular guy named Nichkk (pronounced Nick). He's in your science class. "Ohmygodd, what's up?" he said when you met.
  12. Then, it's your second day at lunch. You're sitting with Alexx, his friends Joeyy and Kash, Nichkk, and some girl named Marisol. She's falling all over Alexx.
  13. You hear everyone talking about how Alexx REAAALLY likes you!!
  14. You finally met those two guys who are more popular than Alexx - Bobby and Kris. Bobby is freaking deliciously cute.
  15. You've got a bad problem. Alexx, Kash, Nichkk, and Bobby all REALLY like you.
  16. Before school the next day, Alexx says "Hey (your name), do you wanna go out?" and then he smiles cuter than ever before.
  17. In case you didn't know, Kash is really emo.
  18. Nichkk is scene, bubbly, funny, and almost kinda preppy. You've spotted him wearing Hollister ONCE.
  19. Nichkk asks you out.
  20. So, you're dating someone?
  21. Marisol hates you.
  22. END OF THE YEAR PARTY! You and your bf dance, and have a good time, and you're just so happy.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive at Adurro High School? [fun quiz]