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This quiz is to test your knowledge of the Disney movie High School Musical. Many people say they're fans,but are you a TRUE fan. Take this quiz and put your mind-boggling answers to the test!

Since the Disney hit High School Musical burst on to our screens in 2006, it's been a growing success. Since it's ended that doesn't mean you can forget the amazing facts. Prove your a TRUE High School Musical fanatic and take this quiz pushing your HSM knowledge to the brink of a scientific discovery!

Created by: amazon
  1. In the first High School Musical, which song was first performed?
  2. What passion did Troy secretly have?
  3. When did Troy and Gabriella first meet?
  4. On Gabriella's first day at her new school, who befriended her (other than Troy).
  5. What is the name of their school?
  6. In High School Musical 2 what piece of jewellery did Gabriella place in Troy's hand during 'I Gotta Go My Own Way'.
  7. What sport did Chad challenge Ryan to play with him?
  8. What song did not feature in the movie, but instead on a bonus DVD?
  9. What song did they sing on their first day of work?
  10. During Troy and Gabriella's first kiss what went off?
  11. After performing 'All For One' what did Troy and Gabriella do?
  12. What colour was Sharpay's car?
  13. What item of clothing was Ryan always wearing?
  14. In High School Musical 3: Senior Year what college was Troy offered to go to?
  15. What song did Troy and Gabriella perform on the roof of their school?
  16. What song did they perform whilst preparing for their prom and during it?
  17. What did Troy do on the night of his prom?
  18. How did High School Musical 3: Senior Year end?

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