DaughterOfPoseidon; My P.O.V

Okay so it says in the title that it's my P.O.V (DaughterOfPoseidon) So yeah it is my P.O.V, it's my demigod story on how I became one, how I met my bro, etc.

So read on fellow demigods and mortals, cause take a ride on Jenna Coaster! Um... Nevermind. Sorry for the... Okay nevermind... On with the story guys!

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
  1. This is my story. My P.O.V, my life. As what? No other than a wizard, vampire and a demigod. All in one. So how did this exactly happen? Well I don't like giving out the details but I guess I could spare some. So my mother was a vampire and my father was a god. Got that so far? Okay so they got married, blah blah blah. I was born from the dark waters of where else? The Vampire world. Now some people might say "A vampire? Cool!" Yes it is cool being a vampire and all. But the place? No. Just wrong. (Think of District 12) So I ran away. Just saying, my mother was at her own home and my Poseidon... Well demigods know where all gods and goddesses are. If you are mortal, he's up on Mount Olympus. But I am his favorite daughter so he visits me from time to time. Anyways, I ran until I found my mother's house, I lived there for a few months until a letter from of course, Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. I then decided to join and my life as one started from there.
  2. Then I got claimed, at the 2nd year of Hogwarts. I ignored the constant nightmares and dreams I've been having. I could handle visits from Poseidon but all those nightmares... *shivers* I just wished it were all to stop. But soon I realized, it's never going to stop. One day I just got tired of all this drama and dreams. I went to go find "camp". What camp? Fools! I won't say the name for thee mortals have heard thy spoken. I shall not. For I fear, the depths of the dark shadows of death will come and put my soul in eternal darkness in Tartarus. So where am I now? Camp. That's all I'm going to say.
  3. *reality* "Jennifer? Hellooo?" my best friend Ethel waved her hand across my face. I snapped back into reality, "Huh? Oh sorry, yeah I think that's a cute top." My super amazing best friend rolled her eyes. "You know, it's not normal to write in some journal at Hollister." she told me. I smirked at the thought. Which I was doing now. "So, tell me Ethel. When am I ever normal?" I replied. She smiled at me, her eyes filled with happiness knowing her best friend finally agreed I am what I am. "Yep. You're never normal Jen. Never!" she beamed. I laughed. We looked through the racks of clothes at the 20% rack. "So when are we going to American Apparel?" I asked anxious to go to my favorite store. Ethel sighed. "We can go now. Besides it's a huge lineup in here. It's gonna be midnight is we wait this long." "Well it is called midnight madness right?" we laughed and walked out of the store.
  4. Halfway when we were about to go to the store. My phone started vibrating. Okay, okay I know I'm not allowed to have phone, because it attracts a ton of monster and bleh. But it's always dangerous for a demigod right? I checked the text and it was from Rachel. 'Hey can you come to camp? You got a new sibling.' it said. I sighed knowing that our shopping trip was over. "What is it?" Ethel asked. I told her how Rachel wanted me in camp. She just sighed, "Okay. Well just text me tonight kay?" I nodded and with a flick of my wand, (And a spell of course) I transported to the gates of Camp Half-Blood.
  5. I walked inside the magical boundaries. People waved at me, I waved back. I ran to the woods where a cliff was located. On top of that cliff.. Well, there was a cave. Where Rachel lives. Long story, don't ask. Maybe another demigod can tell the huge story. I walked up the trail which went around the cliff and to the entrance of the cave. When I was at the top, Rachel jumped out from the purple curtain (used as a door). "Rachel!" I shrieked. She laughed at my reaction. "Chill, here's Jason." I followed her inside and saw a guy with blonde hair and green eyes. Same as me. "Hey, what's up?" he asked. I smiled, "Hey. Not much, bro." I said. Jason looked really familiar, weird. "Jason, Jennifer. Jennifer, Jason." Rachel said. We shook hands. "Why don't we check out our cabin?" we said bye to Rachel and headed down to our cabin. It was located at Long Island Sound. Great for snorkeling and surfing. "Here we are." Jason looked at the cabin and smiled. "It looks cool. Can we surf here?" he asked. I laughed at the question. "Not only can the Children of the Sea God, surf here. We have water powers, we can talk mentally to each other, horses and sea animals." I said. Jason nodded. "First day as a demigod and I'm seriously loving it. I think I'll like this place."
  6. Okay so that's it. I know it was short but the next part will be much more. This tells you some things about me. My name is Jennifer and I'm a Daughter of Poseidon, The Earth Shaker. I have a twin bro named Jason and we're 15. I'm absolutely random and I can be a dumb blonde. Bear with me... Shout out to Callisto XD
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