My Journey As A Demigod (Part 8!)

Hey guys! It's me, DaughterOfPoseidon. So many of you might be thinking.. FOOL. THIS WAS LATE. Yes, I know. I would be mad at myself too, actually.. I am mad at myself.

Is that possible? Well I guess it is since I just admitted I was mad at myself. Read the parting words please! I have a question to ask you guys. Thanks(:

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. Recap: Leo snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Sorry... Why don't you start a fire and I'll just look through our packs for something useful to do whatever. Um yeah." I told him. He nodded and we went to work.
  2. TAMMY's P.O.V----- I had a dream. It was the kind of dream that makes you wonder if you made the right decision or not. But this dream... It was weird because at the very end, all I see is a man about 19 in an elevator. The thing was, he said he was going to the 600th floor. He had headphones on and was tapping his fingers on his thigh to the music. Let me start from the beginning.
  3. I saw Nico again. In the same dark room and the same man on the dark throne. "They went on a quest father." Nico said. The man tapped his finger on one of the arm rests. "Wonderful, this is a chance to bring her to me. Make sure to report this to Alecto. She'll handle the attacks" he said. Nico nodded and went to a corner in the room. He disappeared in the shadows. All I saw was the back of the throne. I could see the man's curly black hair, but nothing else.
  4. He stood up and walked towards the shadows. The man opened the door and I saw light for the first time in there. Besides the flickering green fire hanging from the walls. Nothing. He walked away and the vision changed. A bright light was the first thing I saw. Then it died down and I saw that elevator dude I mentioned before. "Hey there Tammy" he said tapping his fingers. No response. The man laughed. "Can't speak? I have no idea why that happens to these dreams. I think we gods forget to put the volume up. Always silent" Again, no response. "Ha! Well, I'm the sun god. Apollo. One of my daughters prayed to me about you. I think she might've had a possible crush on that Leo guy." I think at this point I smiled in my sleep. "But that's not the point, anyways. She asked if I could sent you a warning. About Hades. Yes, god of the depressing Underworld. I know, well he's been somehow convinced." he said, "Convinced, to work with Gaea. She's at sleep but she has enough power to talk to him. You see, years ago, 7 demigods were at war against this goddess. YUCK. Blood EVERYWHERE! I cannot believe..." he trailed off topic and started talking about how the blood and the demigod guts flew off in the battle.
  5. Apollo cleared his throat, "Ahem. As I was saying, he was somehow convinced to work with her and her little monster friends to once again. Attempt to throw down Olympus. Hades, is summoning the most threatening monsters on earth for demigods to be challenged. So far, thats all we know. This is a... Ah.. Very shocking surprise." he told me. I couldn't believe this. I've heard some things, about other wars. But by some of the campers thoughts, demigods would finally be at peace. I guess they were wrong. I just hope Nico's not a part of this.. "But seriously, 5% of me doesn't blame the guy. It would seriously be depressing to count souls all day." That's true. "TAMMY!" Katie's voice said. Apollo looked up, "I see your friend wants you... Okay. We'll meet soon enough. Sweet dreams Tammy" he snapped his fingers and shot out of bed full of sweat. My heart pounded and my breathing? Well it was like I ran 50 miles.
  6. "You okay?" Katie asked. I looked at her frightened. "No" I blankly said. My eyes went to the fire, where Leo was cooking some tacos. "What happened?" he asked me. Both were asking questions nervously, but I tuned them out.
  7. "Look, I'll tell you after, okay?" I looked at both of them. They were staring back. I sighed. "I also don't wanna know what happened. Bad enough I have all this demigod news on my hands, I don't need this" I said. Katie smiled. "Yeah, I could relate" Leo grinned. "I thought it was awesome." I rolled my eyes, but a smile crept at the corner of my mouth. I stood up and dusted off well.. The dust; off my jeans. "So... What now?" I said. I looked around trying to ignore the stench of the sewers. I looked at the fire Leo was tending and Katie who was looking through the bags. "Should I help?" I asked. No answer. "Hello?" I said a bit louder. They both looked up, well at least Katie did.
  8. "Well we were planning to camp out here for the night." Katie said. I nodded and sat back down. "I think Leo's cooking something up too, so it's all good." she finished. "All good? WE JUST GOT ATTACKED!" Leo shrieked. Katie ignored him. "Where did you get the food?" I asked him. Leo tapped his tool belt. "Gift from pops."
  9. LEO's POV----------- "A tool belt? Does it have unlimited space?" Tammy asked. "Not exactly... I could ask for whatever I want. Well.. Not whatever, just a few things. Like a screwdriver, stuff like that." I said, "It has to 'charge' too. So I can't ask all the time" She nodded and helped Katie sort some things out. I went back to cooking, I was thinking some Vegan Tacos. Thinking that a pair of plant goddess daughters, would like that. I started putting together the last taco and started serving some dinner. "Hope you like tacos." I said. I showed them the food. "Okay, I'm starved. Can we eat?" Katie asked. "Pfft. Well, duh." I said. We chowed down on our tacos.
  10. ------2 Minutes of Taco Murdering Passed----- "Best meal I've had since, the day we left for this quest." I said. "Fact. Thanks for the tacos Leo" Tammy smiled at me. Katie ate a piece of lettuce that was left on the plate. "Yeah.. You're a great cook. Thank you Leo." she said.
  11. Tammy pulled back her hair. "So, when's bedtime?" she asked. "Bedtime?" I laughed. She rolled her eyes at me. "When are we going to bed?" she said each word like the end of a sentence. I was about to ask Katie when I saw her pass out. "Well I guess now. I'll take first watch." I offered. Tammy hesitated at that. "You sure? I could take watch first, I just took a nap..." I shook my head. "Nope. That doesn't count. You need all the rest you could get. Trust me, falling asleep is hard enough when you're sleeping in the sewers." she raised an eyebrow confused. I pinched my nose lightly to give a sign. Tammy nodded and started falling asleep. I looked around me ignoring the stench. But that's pretty hard to do when you're in the sewers.

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