My Life as a Demigod

Hi, my name's Tess McAuley, and I'm a demigod. In this quiz, you will hear my story and discover if you have what it takes to be a demigod, too! Please rate and comment.

Are you demigod worthy? Do you have what it takes to fight monsters and all that good stuff? Find out in this amazing, fabulous, and completely interesting quiz!

Created by: aqua123
  1. Hi. My name is Tess McAuley, and I have an amazing story to tell. Yeah, yeah, I'll elaborate. But my life is full of danger. I you're like me, find a satyr and get to Half-Blood Hill as fast as you can. But you probably don't even know what I'm talking about. I'll start from the beginning....
  2. It was a dark, stormy day. I was sitting in the classroom of my schmancy boarding school, being bored out of my mind. I have ADHD and dyslexia, so I could hardly keep still and pay attention. My boyfriend Chase slipped me a note. "meet me on the dorm roof during free period" it read. i scribbled a quick reply: "sure. c u there!"
  3. After class was FINALLY over, it was time for free period. I ran over to the dorms and went inside. I entered the third floor girl's bathroom and slid out the glass in the bathroom window. There was a ledge for me to stand on and I used it to hoist myself up on the roof.
  4. Chase was already waiting there, just staring out at the cloudy sky. "Hey, Chase, what's up?" I asked, climbing up next to him and taking his hand. Chase looked at me, and I was shocked to see that his eyes were full of cold hatred and his mouth was twisted into an evil grin. "Sorry, Tess, but it's time for you to die." he said, and suddenly his body was a smoky funnel cloud and all that was left of him was his face. "Chase? What the-" I screamed, but was cut off by a whoosing noise. I turned to see a flying horse with a teenage boy riding on the back. Even from a distance, I could tell the boy was gorgeous. "Wha-" I muttered, then felt a strong arm wrap around my waist.
  5. Suddenly I was sitting on the back of the flying horse, looking up into the handsome face of the guy who had rescued me. "Stay here," he told me, and hopped off the horse onto the roof. Chase, now the creepy storm spirit, howled with laughter as the guy drew a bronze sword from a sheath around his waist. "You think you can kill me, you puny little demigod?" he asked. My rescuer brushed black hair out of his eyes. "Yes, actually, he said, and swung the sword. Chase dodged. "Ha! That's the best you can-" Chase began, but was cut off by the sound of my rescuer's sword slicing through the air and going right through him. Chase howled and dissolved into mist. The guy hopped back on the flying horse. "Hi. I'm Cole." he said, "And this is my pegasus, Zap." I looked at him. "Pardon me?"
  6. Cole shrugged. "You heard me. I'm Cole Sanders, son of Hades. This is my pegasus, Zap." The news slowly began to sink in, but before I could start screaming with shock, I snickered. "Zap? You named your pegasus Zap?" Zap whinnied and Cole looked at me in surprise. "You believe me?" he asked. I laughed. "Heck no! But instead of screaming, I decided to laugh at your flying pony." Zap whinnied again. Cole was still looking surprised, but he managed to spit out, "Uh, let's get you to Chiron so he can explain."
  7. *HALF HOUR LATER* We landed in a place that looked an awful lot like a freakish summer camp. I saw stables, an ampitheater with a fire pit, a climbing wall, lots of weirdly decorated cabins, a lake, and a pavilion filled with tables. "Where are we?" I asked. Cole hopped off of Zap's back. "Welcome to Camp Half Blood." he said. I hopped off, too. "Camp WHAT Blood?" I asked, and Cole looked at me. "Do you have hearing problems or something?" he asked. I punched his arm lightly. "No, I'm just surprised. So... if we're half bloods, I'm guessing we're half human." I looked at Cole. "What's our other half?" "Greek gods. But I'll let Chiron explain." he said, and started walking towards a big house in the center of camp. It was painted blue and had a big front porch, like a lot of southern homes. I followed Cole to the house, still trying to process the "Greek gods" thing.
  8. Chiron, who turned out to be a big horse man, (pardon me, a CENTAUR) explained my new life to me. I was a child of a Greek god (who turned out not to be big fat myths) and a mortal. I had undiscovered powers, but since I had not been claimed by my godly parent, I would be hanging out with the Hermes cabin until I knew who I was, blah blah blah. Long story short.
  9. Cole escorted me to the Hermes cabin, where I was introduced to the counselors, Connor and Travis Stoll. They were identical twins, with brown hair, brown eyes, and matching mischevious grins. I was shown my bunk bed and my camp schedule, and was learning camp procedures when we heard a mournful honking noise, which turned out to be a conch shell signaling that it was dinnertime. Connor stood up. "Chow time, ya'll!" he called, and there was a mad scramble for the door. I think we were supposed to be standing in single file, but instead, we were standing in more of a clump. I could see the Aphrodite cabin giggling at our pathetic formation. How could I tell they were the Aphrodite cabin, you might ask? I'll tell you: their clothes. Gucci, Prada, Chanel EVERYTHING! Immaculate hair, makeup, the works. All the guys were totally hot and the girls were gorgeous. I tucked away a pang of jealousy and followed my cabin to the dining pavilion, which turned out to be the open air pavilion filled with tables I had seen earlier.
  10. These creepy winged thingies called harpies brought us platters of roasted pork, olives, cheese, grapes, and bread. I was about to dig in when I saw that everyone was getting up and scraping part of their meal into a bronze brazier lit on fire. "What are they doing?" I asked Travis, who whispered back, "It's an offering to the gods. Give 'em your best piece of food. They like the smoke." I scraped a juicy bit of pork into the brazier and took a deep breath of the smoke. It smelled like wilflowers and cotton candy and peppermint and cheescake and buttered popcorn and clean linen sheets all at once. "Please, oh, please, whoever my parent is, claim me and tell me who I am!" I whispered, and headed to the Hermes table. Apparently the glasses filled on command with whatever you want, so I said, "Ummm... Dr. Pepper?" and the glass filled itself with the reddish-brown soda.
  11. After dinner, we headed to the ampitheater for the sing-along. We sang cheesey camp songs like, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Laurel" and "The Little Green Hydra", and watched the flames change color and heat with the mood of the campers. Tonight it was cobalt blue and so hot that the campers in the first row were getting sunburned. Suddenly the fire died. The singing stopped and Mr. D, short for Diyonisus (sorry I have no idea how to spell that) called out, "What on Olympus is going on?" Chiron's voice could be heard loud and clear. "Stay calm, everyone. It seems that Hestia has something to say. She put out the fire to get our attention." I turned to Cole, who was sitting next to me. "Hestia?" I asked. "Goddess of the Hearth..." he muttered. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared where the fireplace had been. She radiated warmth and kindness, and her eyes glowed with beautiful, soft light. "I have a daughter," she announced, "and she is at this camp. All hail Tess McAuley, daughter of Hestia!"

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