My Journey As A Demigod (Part 7!)

First of all, sorry this came out SO late. I was really busy the past month so I couldn't really copy it down from the piece of paper onto the iPad. The thing is, you never write your story parts down on paper first.

EVER. You know why? Because you're gonna be lazy to type it down. Merry Christmas... :) IM JUST WRITING THIS DOWN BECAUSE I WANNA FILL THIS PARAGRAPH... :D

Created by: SeaGirl

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  1. Before we get into the story, I'm really sorry this came out super late. But, I wrote it on a piece of paper instead of typing it on my iPad so yeah. I got really lazy to copy it from the paper to the computer... I feel really bad. Don't murder me for this! kthxbai
  2. "Who are you?" Katie shrieked. I stood there confused and shivering from fear and the fact that I'm in a cold and digesting sewer. I could see the girl smile, her red eyes glowed in the dark. "Medea. Medea." she hissed. Leo stared at her strangely. "So you survived the explosion huh?" he asked. The girl's eyes turned hazel. "Medea. No Medea. Diana" she said. I had serious bad vibes going on. "Okay you know what. Go find someone else who cares and we won't slice you up." I threatened. She hissed. The girl slowly turned her head towards me. "Well?" I said tapping my foot. Katie shook her head quickly but I just ignored her. Diana walked towards me and suddenly I felt her hands around the top part of my neck and my chin. I looked at her straight in the eyes. I could hear her voice wrapping around my brain, taking over. Her eyes glowed sickly green. Katie started pulling my neck away. "STOP. LET GO OF HER!" she shouted. The girl let go off her grip and grabbed ahold of the bars. Fire went around the cage as it started melting. Diana smiled at us. I grabbed my spear, Katie grabbed her knife and Leo had his flaming hammer at his hand.
  3. The girl stepped out of her melting cage. Her face started forming into all the people I always dreamed of seeing and all the people I loved. Savanna, Nico, etc. "A Siren?!" Katie said dumbfounded. "No." the girl hissed. Black smoke swirled around her. As it started to fade I could see a figure of... Of... "CHIMERA!" Leo shouted. He ducked as it came pouncing towards him. "Hey! Over here!" Katie said waving her arms around. "Are you crazy?!" I shouted. If she heard me she ignored me. The Chimera slowly came towards Katie and her knife. The monster jumped towards her and clawed Kate at her left shoulder. She screamed. I decided to take action and go for it. Katie started slashing her knife around keeping it busy. I came behind the monster and grabbed it's um... Serpent tail. Bad mistake cause this time it came after me... Well more like dragging me around while I held on to the snake.
  4. I readied my spear and I stabbed it through the snake's body making it come loose. I tumbled through the dust while it's tail turned to yellow dust. Dust got into my eyes but I could see fire around the Chimera. Either it's Leo or we got a fire controlling monster as well. Katie helped me up and we walked towards Leo. "Well come on. We don't want more monsters tracking us down. By the way, nice fire Leo" Katie said. I nodded and smiled at him. Leo grinned at us. "No problem guys. Were a team right?" he said. "Yeah. But I would seriously like it if this quest didn't have any more-" I got cut off by Katie. "MONSTER!" she shrieked.
  5. I saw it starting to form back, but this time, the Chimera turned into a started growling at us when we took out our weapons. Its yellow eyes glowed at me angrily. It walked slowly but it picked up pace. It jumped and pounced on me, it clawed me once more. This time on my stomach. I cried in pain only leaving me blacked out.
  6. --------------- KATIE P.O.V- I screamed as the Manticore pounced on Tammy. Oh no he didn't. Or she? Whatever. "Hey! Over here!" I said. I caught a quick glimpse of Leo mouth wide opened. I guess he's not used to Demeter kids fighting. Not to be all stereotypical or anything. But honestly, all he ever saw me doing was planting daisies. I ran up to the monster and gave it a slash. I then did a small roll. The Manticore roared in pain. I grinned at the thought of what I just done. Just then the Manticore jumped up and pounced on me. I wasn't ready leaving Leo all alone to face this thing. It took all my strength to avoid the slashes of the monster. It gave me enough time to stab it in the back with my knife. It roared in my face (which by the way lead to unwanted breath) concluding the creature to dust. I stood up and brushed off the remains and walked towards Leo. He was kneeling beside Tammy. "Is she okay?"
  7. "I have no clue. I'm guessing she's passed out but..." he trailed off. His eyes wandered towards my half-sister's injuries. "Let's go find a place to camp." Me and Leo grabbed Tammy's body and started walking. It wasn't easy carrying a limping body. We found a small spot (they're still in the sewers) we put Tammy's body down and set up for erm... Camp.
  8. I looked around. Sure it was a sewer, and yeah, it stinks... Bad. But at least we're safe, for now. "Well she's knocked out cold." Leo said. I rolled my eyes, "Ya don't say?" I smiled. "You're so funny" "Was that sarcasm Repair Boy?" I said. "Probably" I laughed. If you think about it, he's kinda cute. Shut up brain. 'Ahem. It's BRIAN.' Okay stop thinking Katie he's staring at you! "Katie? Hello?" Leo snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Sorry... Why don't you start a fire and I'll just look through our packs for something useful to do whatever. Um yeah." I told him. He nodded and we went to work.
  9. NOTES FROM DPOSEIDON: Hey guys so yeah I know it's SHORT. But please don't be mad. Yeah it came out WAY after the original release date, yes it was shorter than usually. BUT. It was Christmas holidays, I had some love problems, I had about 2 tests. And I'm in a unanswerable question on which group of friends I should stay in. Stacy or Kimberly... Don't ask, just don't. XD
  10. Since it's Christmas Eve and SANTA's coming tonight. And don't... PLEASE don't crush my imagination and beliefs. One reason? IMMA SPECIAL CHILD :D

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