How well do you know the New Testament?

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Do you think you know the New Testament well? Test your knowledge here! Questions range from the Gospels through Acts and the epistles all the way to John's revelation!

Please note: Neither I, the creator, nor, assume liability for the destination of your soul. Doing well on this quiz does not guarantee entrance into Heaven, nor does doing poorly damn you to Hell.

Created by: William of Philosophical Theology
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  1. Who was Jesus' paternal grandfather?
  2. Which Gospel tells of the slaying of the infants by Herod?
  3. Who wrote the book of Acts?
  4. Who has the keys to the kingdom of Heaven?
  5. If you have a problem with someone, and you talk about it personally with them, and they ignore you, then you take some friends with you, and he ignores them, what then should you do?
  6. Whose name should we baptize under?
  7. Who doubted Jesus's resurrection?
  8. How did the apostles replace Judas?
  9. How did the two disciples recognize Jesus after his resurrection?
  10. Who persuaded Jesus to begin His ministry before His time had come?
  11. What happens when someone eats the communion bread or drinks of the cup unworthily?
  12. How are we justified?
  13. According to Peter, as the ark saved Noah and his family, so ---- saves us?
  14. What did Michael and the devil dispute about?
  15. Who kicked the dragon and his angels out of Heaven?
  16. Who shall die the second death to be confined to the lake of fire?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the New Testament?