Learning about Isaiah

Welcome! This is a quiz specifically dedicated to the study of the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament of the Bible. A group of people at my church are going to be participating in a Quizerama and I found this quiz site as a way to test myself.

Well, now it's time to see what you know. Isaiah is undoubtedly a long book but if you commit to studying every day, you can become a master of scripture. Have fun as you prove to yourself how much you know.

Created by: Kisha

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  1. Who were Isaiah's two sons?
  2. In what century did Isaiah live?
  3. Who was the king of Judah when Syria and Jerusalem tried to attack?
  4. Who were the kings of Assyria and Israel when Ahaz was king?
  5. What are the capitals of Syria and Israel?
  6. When God told Isaiah the name of his future son, who were his witnesses?
  7. What does Isaiah mean?
  8. What year did Isaiah's ministry start?
  9. What did Isaiah say that God likened sin to?
  10. What was another name for Uzziah?
  11. What was another name for Uzziah?
  12. What happened to Uzziah as a result of his apostasy?
  13. In Isaiah's vision, what filled the temple?
  14. Which wasn't one of the heavy judgments that were to befall the impenitent?

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