Assessment for Step by Step Guide to Recruiting Personal Assistan

Welcome to the assessment for the Elective Learning Activity MLE5 - The Step by Step Guide to Recruiting Personal Assistants. This assessment needs to be completed by those wishing to gain CPD points for MLE5.

To demonstrate your understanding of the material associated with this learning activity, you are required to answer 11 multiple choice questions. To reach competency for this learning activity you are required to score 85% or over. Good Luck!

Created by: Amanda Morgan of Morton Learning
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  1. Step 1 of the step by step recruitment process involves:
  2. The 'Person Profile' in step 2 of the guide allows the employer to:
  3. The application package the employer creates at step 3 contains:
  4. When creating the job advertisement at step 4 - which two documents should be used for assistance:
  5. The shortlisting of applicants takes place:
  6. The shortlisting process involves sorting applications into how many categories:
  7. The interview checklist:
  8. The interview worksheet:
  9. Reference checking of an applicant is performed:
  10. The self assessment questions in the performance review:
  11. Before making an offer of employment, employers should:

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