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Everyone encounters most forms of media on a daily basis, our 12 Step program is designed to help you analyze your media habits. Most people come in contact with so many forms of media everyday that they rarely stop to think about it critically.

This quiz is specifically designed for Step 9, to track your progress through the program so far. After you take the quiz, either go back and think about the first 9 Steps or continue on to Step 10.

Created by: MMC
  1. Have you admitted that you're addicted to media?
  2. True or False: Once you become addicted to media there is nothing you can do about it.
  3. Have you decided to make a change to your or your child's media habits?
  4. Have you and/or your child filled out the media habits worksheet?
  5. True or False: All media can be critically analyzed.
  6. Have you filled out the contract for change?
  7. True or False: Creating a plan and filling out a journal every week will help you and/or your child stick to their Media Habits plan.
  8. True or False: There are other things to do as a family than watch TV.
  9. Will you continue to use the plan?
  10. Now that you've thought about how you are doing, will you finish the last 3 steps?

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