Learning Style Assessment

Different people learn in different ways. If you can find out how you learn best, you can make learning easier and figure out how to structure learning situations so that you learn more quickly.

Learning styles can be classified in a number of ways. This quiz breaks them down into the 3 most common and simplistic. Take this quiz to find out which style is yours. Note: most people have a primary and secondary learning style.

Created by: Brenda Nicholson

  1. Imagine that you have to remember a phone number and that you have no paper. Which method would help you remember it?
  2. Think of your favorite scene from your favorite movie. You want to tell your friend about it. How would you do it?
  3. You are a famous artist. Are you:
  4. You want to find out the news. Do you prefer:
  5. You have to memorize a speech for tomorrow's class. Do you:
  6. You have to learn a new dance or exercise. How do you learn it most easily?
  7. Remember the first time you rode a bike? When you remember it, what do you recall?
  8. Think of your favorite food. Aside from the taste, what sense is triggered most strongly when you think of it?
  9. What's your favorite game?
  10. Assume you have to take a class, and you can choose the teacher. Which class would you take?

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