Are you a Visual Learner?

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65% of students are visual learners and suffer when they (or their teachers) don't understand how their brains process information. Take this quiz to learn your style AND receive a few tips on how to improve your memory + make studying more efficient!

This quiz is made by Next Generation Curriculum Design, publishers of a book hand illustrated specifically for visual learners to comprehend chemistry. Please check us out! Google: General Chemistry for Visual Learners by Vanessa Ralph.

Created by: Vanessa Ralph of General Chemistry for Visual Learners
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  1. Have you always been better at reading bar graphs than your peers?
  2. Are you good at reading body language in social situations? Better yet, do you like to people watch?
  3. Your professor/teacher asks you to answer a math problem but gives you the following options: Option A) Explain from your seat. Option B) Go to the board and write out how you got to your answer. Which do you prefer?
  4. Are you one of those people who have been called any o the following: "easily amused", "easily distracted", or "spastic"?
  5. Can you at times be impatient? For example, if someone speaks slowly do you find yourself struggling not to interrupt them?
  6. Do you ever spend extra time fixing, decorating, or otherwise improving your handwriting skills?
  7. Is it quick and easy for your to make decisions or do you like to weigh your options for a little while first?
  8. How would you prefer someone to give you directions to their house (assuming you can use your phone for directions)?
  9. When your in a lecture, what do you find yourself doing the most?
  10. How do you feel about a textbook, made specifically for your learning style, and provided to you at half the cost of a normal textbook?

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