Are You Kinesthetic?

There are many people that are kinesthetic and some people think they are but they're not. Kinesthetic is a learning type. I'm not going to tell you how they learn until the end. . . .

Are YOU kinesthetic?!?! Well take this quiz and find out! This quiz might even help you learn things easier. Well we will never know. . . . Until you take the quiz!

Created by: BlueClouds
  1. Is it hard for you to sit still for a long time- especially when you're bored?
  2. Do you find yurself playing with something in your hands while you work or try to pay attention?
  3. Do you tap/swing/move your feet in class?
  4. Is it easier for you to learn things when you do them? BE HONEST
  5. Does it bother/ distract you when you're drinking something/ eating while you work?
  6. It hard for you to learn from long lectures?
  7. Would you rather have a oral quiz (spoken quiz), written quiz, or a match-them-up quiz?
  8. Do you like doing things with your hands?
  9. Out of these projects, whitch one would help YOU learn more about the subject? Don't just pick the one you think would be fun.
  10. Do you like P.E/ sports? (doesn't effect your result that much)
  11. Comment? Rate? Both? Please give me a good rating!

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Quiz topic: Am I Kinesthetic?