What type of leader are you?

This is a quiz to help you under stand different ways that countries are commanded or governed, and help you learn more about yourself. Hopefully reading some of the political names seen in this quiz will make you look and want to learn more about what you scored.

The reason I made this quiz really was just to make something cool, and I enjoyed myself while creating this, I hope it will help make some people look for more information on things presented in this quiz, not enough people understand politics and its many different views.

Created by: Austin
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  1. What type of people do you hold close to your Regime?
  2. Is a strong police force important?
  3. How much power would you like to have?
  4. Which would you rather have your people hold? Wealth or happiness?
  5. A big company is ripping off your people big time, what do you do? Where do you stand on it?
  6. How is the media going to be run under you?
  7. How is the media going to be run under you?
  8. Which title do you like best?
  9. A neighboring nation is very angry and starting to look like a threat, which of these do you do?
  10. Can your people vote on you and others?

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Quiz topic: What type of leader am I?