What type of ruler would you be?

Most people have ideas on how they feel a nation should be run. They don't, however, know what type of leader they would be. The type of leader that someone is can determine how they are viewed by others.

Do you want to lead? Do you just want to know how you'd lead if you did? Do you want to find out what people would think of you if you weren't just an ordinary person, but a world leader? Then this is the quiz for you!

Created by: Cellophane
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  1. What is your scheme for gaining power?
  2. What is your plan for the economy.
  3. What is your military policy?
  4. What is the best system for crime prevention, law, and the penal system?
  5. What would your first act be once you became empowered?
  6. If you could redesign the flag of your nation, what would be the main symbol on it?
  7. There is an attack on your country. What impression do you want to convey to your people?
  8. After the attack what is your military action towards the attackers?
  9. How is your successor chosen?
  10. Invasion of foreign nations?

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