Which Dictator Are You?

Dictator. It means ruler where nobody can legally take you out of power. Sounds like fun, huh? NOT!!!!!! It means that you are the target in the middle of a war, which is NOT a good thing.

Out of two of the worst dictators ever, which one are you? Click here to find out. Come on you know you want to. It will only take a minute. Just click, and see how you would take over the world. Or try.

Created by: Bob Barker
  1. If you had control over a country that had you as a dictator, what would you do?
  2. Which would you rather do?
  3. would you rather be a noble wolf or a man of steel?
  4. How do you feel about the Jews?
  5. If there was a famine, would you help or make it worse?
  6. Which do you like more?
  7. How would you rather die?
  8. Which would you rather happen?
  9. Which would you rather happen?
  10. Would you rather have your body be burned or buried?

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Quiz topic: Which Dictator am I?