what type of leader are you?

There are many leadership styles, however the four styles studied include autocratic, collaborative, lassiez-faire and transformational. There is no limit to how many styles you can be.

What type of leader are you? You can find out by simply taking this questionaire that takes a few minutes and will provide you with vital information.

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  1. When a fire outbreaks in your school canteen, you:
  2. Two of your family members experience conflict, you:
  3. In a sporting team, your coach leaves in an emergency, you:
  4. At work, you spill coffee on the ground, you:
  5. Your car breaks down when you are travelling on a highway, you:
  6. How do you consider your personality?
  7. Your the boss at work, and one of your top employer has not turned up, you:
  8. Your bus doesnt turn up on an exam day, you:
  9. You are running for the position of school preseident, what do you promise in your speech?
  10. What type of leader do you consider yourself to be?

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Quiz topic: What type of leader am I?