What type of learner are you?

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When you know what type of learner you are, you can develop different strategies which will help you to improve your learning process. With this test, you can know what learner you are.

Choose the best option that fits you. When you're ready go to the platform and read the characteristics of the type of learner, see also the strategies.

Created by: Karen of this site
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  1. I like reading out loud
  2. I can remember something very well when I write it down
  3. I'm good at activities or games where I'm moving or experimenting with objects
  4. When I study, I prefer recording my voice and listening to the audio many times.
  5. I prefer studying with my friends or classmates.
  6. I can identify the difference between sounds.
  7. I cannot make imaginary pictures in my mind.
  8. I enjoy playing games at class because I can practice and learn.
  9. I can remember things when I write them down many times.
  10. I like attending lectures or conferences
  11. I can read mental maps, diagram or graphics.
  12. I do mental maps or diagrams when I study
  13. I can study and listen to music at the same time
  14. I prefer listening to the teacher's instructions than reading them.
  15. I like moving around when I'm revising
  16. I like taking notes during class
  17. I prefer reading than classes or conferences.
  18. When I study I love taking breaks

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Quiz topic: What type of learner am I?