The VARK learning test

This quiz is a social experiment to see how many different types of learners for one category there are. It is shown that I myself am a mixed learner which means i learn in a variety of different ways.

It is said that there is always a diversity to how many different types of learner there are out there and I am here to find out how many there are. i predict that there might be more practical and auditory learners than visual.

Created by: Morgan
  1. What Is Your Age Range?
  2. What Is Your Gender?
  3. If You Were Faced With A Person Making A Tough Situation, How Would You Face It?
  4. Which One Of The Following Would You Usually Do In The Evening?
  5. When Angry How Do You Act?
  6. Which Of The Following Would Annoy You The Most?
  7. When Anxious, What Do You Tend To Do?
  8. When You First Meet A New Person, How Do You Remember Them?
  9. What Would You Do When Remembering Things?
  10. When Listening To Music, How Do You Act?

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