What type of learner are? (Auditory, Visual, Tac)

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You’re about to take a quiz on what type of learner are you. There are 3 different learning types: Auditory, the learner that learns by listening and hearing things. Visual, the learner that learns by drawing or writing them out. Tactile, the learner that learns by using their hands and being active.

Today, we’re going to find out which of these learners are you. Are you an auditory learner? Who knows. Let’s get right into this quiz and see what you get.

Created by: Pandora

  1. Which of these subjects do you prefer?
  2. What type of books do you prefer?
  3. When needing something to be explained, do you take notes on what others say?
  4. When you’re new to how something works, how will you figure out how to do it?
  5. Which of these hobbies do you prefer?
  6. What’s the best way to prepare for a test?
  7. Do you like activities that unblocked moving around?
  8. Would you rather go to...
  9. Would you say you’re a good at drawing?
  10. If you ever paint something or do something related to art, do you hang it up or keep it somewhere in front of you?
  11. Would you say you have a hard time focusing in class and listening to directions?
  12. Last but not least, do you like to read magazines?

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