Are you: High Achiever, Gifted, or Creative?

When considering referring a student to the Gifted and Talented program, it can often be easy to confuse a truly gifted learner with one that is a creative learner, or even a high achiever. This quiz presents various learning styles and responses that represent high achievers, gifted learners, and creative thinkers. While it is not likely that any student will fall 100% into one category or the other, most will likely be represented higher by one style or the other.

If you suspect a student may be a gifted learner, and may benefit from enrolling in a program for Gifted and Talented students, try this quiz to help you determine their true learning style. This quiz is not intended to be the only determining factor, but one that can help give you an idea of whether you're dealing with a gifted learner, a creative learner or a high achiever.

Created by: Linda Lovick
  1. The student:
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Quiz topic: Am I: High Achiever, Gifted, or Creative?