Learning styles

Not every one will be only one style of learner. Some of us work best with a combination of two styles. Alternatively, some styles are more applicable to certain scenarios. Your dominant style is not concrete and can change!

Remember to always take time to check in with yourself and see if you have answered as honestly as possible! Sometimes, we answer questions the way we think they should be, not how they honestly are!

Created by: Doug

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  1. I have an interest in learning to play golf. To explore this interest, I might find one of the following to be the most effective way to get started. It is most like me to...
  2. A youngster wants me to learn how to use his computer to play games with him. To learn how to use the computer, I probably would select this as the first activity:
  3. I am sitting with a child who is holding her favourite board game. She would like me to play with her. To learn the game, I would
  4. I have learned that there are wonderful ways to improve my mind. All of the following are good examples. The one I would choose to do first is
  5. To get exercise, I decide to take up walking. My ideal walk would be
  6. The kinds of words I might use are
  7. People point out that I
  8. When I assemble a model airplane or another toy, I prefer to
  9. To communicate with a friend, I would rather
  10. When I read a book,
  11. When I read a book,
  12. My idea of a good time is
  13. When someone is giving a speech

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