How well do you know Harry Styles?

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Have you ever thought to yourself "I'm the ultimate Directioner" ? Well this is the perfect quiz for you! Find out how much you know about "the flirt" of the group, Harry Styles!

Stay tuned to find out how much you know about the curly-haired singer Harry Styles! How well do you think you did? Well you're about to find out! :)'

Created by: Leah Gillie
  1. What is Harry's sisters name?
  2. What is Harry's full name?
  3. What is Harry's mum's name?
  4. How old is Harry?
  5. What is Harry's cats name?
  6. (Only people who know Harry personally will know this answer) Who is Harry dating?
  7. What is Harry's nickname?
  8. How old was Harry when he auditioned for the X-factor the first time?
  9. What song did Harry sing when he auditioned for the X-factor the fist time?
  10. Bye bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Styles?