how much do you know about harry styles

There are many Harry Styles fans out there,but are you one of them? Do you really know what Harry Edward Styles is like? Are you really a fan or are you just a tree blowing in the wind? A fan will know almost everything about the person they admire.

Are you a Harry Styles fan? Do you know him better than anyone? Are you his bigger fan out there? Well thanks to this quiz you can now find out all the answers you need.

Created by: starr
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  1. What is Harrys favorite animal?
  2. When was Harry born?
  3. Is Harry the oldest or youngest member of the band?
  4. What is harry's mom's name?
  5. How old was he when his parents divorced?
  6. What is the first song he knew all the lyrics to?
  7. What is Harry's stepdad called?
  8. Who was in White Eskimo?
  9. What is Harry's favorite song?
  10. What are Harry's Favorite colors?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about harry styles