Do You Know EVERYTHING About Harry Styles?

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There are many Harry Styles fans that think they know everything about Harry. But do they? In this quiz you can fond out if you truly do know everything about Harry!

Do you think you know everything about Harry? If so, than you can take this quiz to see if you actually truly know EVERYTHING about flirty Mr. Styles.

Created by: hazzaforeva
  1. What is his favorite movie?
  2. What is his favorite TV show?
  3. What does he always sleep with at night?
  4. What was his most embarrassing moment?
  5. What is his biggest fear?
  6. What is he known for in the group?
  7. What is false?
  8. Who is his celebrity crush?
  9. Which is his favorite song?
  10. Who did he share an apartment with?
  11. What is Harry's favorite color?
  12. What song did Harry sing for his first audition on xfactor?
  13. What year was he born?
  14. What was his school bands name?
  15. What is his favorite food?
  16. Where would he like to live when he is older?
  17. What does he usually wear?
  18. What is his full name?
  19. What color does he like best on a girl?
  20. What is Harry's idea of a perfect first date?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know EVERYTHING About Harry Styles?