Could you date Harry Styles?

Are you another fan of the world wide sensation One Direction, wondering if the hot and adorable, British, brown curly-haired, green-eyed, dimple-smiled, flirty boy is right for you? Well with this quiz you can see if YOU could be Harry's girl.

After answering some questions, you can find out if you and Harry have a chance. Maybe you'll be Hollywood's next cover page couple. Or maybe, you'll end up breaking it off. You'll never know unless you take this quiz.

Created by: Anonymous
  1. What is your hair color?
  2. What is your eye color?
  3. Your friends describe you as...
  4. What is your fashion style?
  5. When it comes to being social, you are...
  6. Do you like romantic ideas/things/places etc?
  7. If you don't get an immediate text response, what do you do?
  8. Do you like kids?
  9. What is your favorite movie genre?
  10. If you saw someone being bullied, what would you do?
  11. Do you like cheekiness?
  12. Could you deal with a husband who travels all the time?
  13. On a scale of one to ten, (1 being not a lot and 10 being a lot) how much do you like food?
  14. Dream celebrity guy? (question #1)
  15. Dream celebrity guy? (question #2)
  16. Do you care more about looks or personality in a guy?
  17. What is your zodiac sign?
  18. Would you like to be famous?
  19. Can you handle hate?
  20. What is your favorite animal?
  21. Do you like flirting?
  22. What is your favorite food?
  23. Did you like this quiz?

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