Are you truly a Harry Styles fan?

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Hart styles is one hot guy! If you think the same way, then try out this quiz to see if you are a true Harry styles fan! And remember, don't stop until u get 100%

Really, u should try it out! It took me forever to make so please take it and rate it if possible! It took me over an hour to create 20 questions! Thank u!

Created by: 1DHarry
  1. What is Harry's favorite color?
  2. When is Harry's birthday?
  3. What is Harry's favorite food?
  4. What is Harry's favorite animal?
  5. What color eyes does Harry like the most?
  6. What hair type does Harry prefer on a girl?
  7. What is Harry known as?
  8. What does Harry like most in a girl's appearance?
  9. What is Harry's worst habit?
  10. What was Harry's most embarrassing moment?
  11. What is his sister's name?
  12. What kind of car does he have?
  13. What is his real name?
  14. What is his mum's name?
  15. What was his school band's name?
  16. What song did Harry sing for his first xfactor audition?
  17. Where is he from?
  18. Which judge created 1D?
  19. What color eyes does Harry have?
  20. What type of clothing would Harry wear on a date?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly a Harry Styles fan?