How well do you know Harry Styles?

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I love Harry Styles! He's in One Direction with five other amazing boys! Only true Directioners know everything about them. Most people don't really get into this stuff but I do.

Are you in love with Harry Styles? Do you really know for sure? Well, this quiz will tell you if you are or not. Do you have the courage to take this quiz?

Created by: Angie

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  1. What is Harry's full name?
  2. Who did Harry give his first autograph to?
  3. What does Harry usually sleep with at night?
  4. What does Harry's pillow say?
  5. Harry also plays the _____.
  6. Before X-Factor, Harry was in a band called what?
  7. Harry has a fear of _______?
  8. Harry loves _______?
  9. Harry's first word was what?
  10. What does Harry want to name his first baby girl?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Styles?