Harry Styles Quiz

This is a Harry Styles quiz Harry Styles- a member of the british boy-band One Direction it asks questions about his favorites and true and false too!

I am a genius A's in all subjects math, history, science, english, spelling, etc. DIRECTORS HONOR ROLL!!! Such an honor to have honor roll.... Get it!!:)

Created by: Hunaidah
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  1. Which fact is true?
  2. Which one is false?
  3. Where is Harry from?
  4. Which audition show was Harry on?
  5. Which song did Harry audition with on the X-Factor?
  6. What is Harry's favorite color?
  7. What is Harry's favorite show?
  8. What is Harry's middle name?
  9. What is Harry's favorite food?
  10. What is Harry's favorite animal?
  11. What is Harry's favorite juice?

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