Can harry styles be yours?

There are people who fawn over harry syles from the whole world but how much do 'you' know him? HOw much about his likes and dislikes and evrything in betweeen?

You're genius all the way but how much do you have a chance of keeping harry styles with you if you people meet. Take this quiz and find out, how much do you know him!

Created by: Vama Pavecha
  1. Choose one!
  2. Tea or coffee ?
  3. Choose a launguage
  4. When did harry met Louis?
  5. Choose a correct thing about harry.
  6. One of his favourite films are .... (Harry is a really a very romantic person)
  7. Harry's shoe size? HeHeHe..... I am actually asking this I don't believe.
  8. What happened when he was ten?
  9. Name the animal which harry fears.
  10. What does harry loves about zayn(malik)?
  11. What is harry's star sign?
  12. Whats his favourite genre (movies)?
  13. Name the food he hates!
  14. The thing he would love to do a first date.

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Quiz topic: Can harry styles be mys?