Do you love Harry Styles?

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Please take this quiz, I did a Niall one earlier and I'm gonna do more. It's basically about how much you know about Harry Styles. Have a great time doing this!

In a few minutes, YOU will find out if you REALLY love Harry Styles. Have heaps of fun and if you lose, don't worry and if you win, congrats. Bye!!!!!

Created by: Siennaloves1D
  1. Who is Harry Styles?
  2. When was Harry born?
  3. What is Harry's mum called?
  4. What is Harry's latest tattoo? (As of August 15, 2015.)
  5. What band was Harry in before One Direction?
  6. Was Harry born with curly hair?
  7. What did Harry perform on The X Factor?
  8. What is Harry's secret talent?
  9. What was Harry's job before X Factor?
  10. Does Harry like cats?
  11. Last question: Which one, out of these, dated Harry?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Harry Styles?