Do you know Harry Styles?

This quiz is about Harry Styles. I am in love with Harry because well everyone can see no need for explaining there but its also about How much some girls know and how much they don't know.

I love Harry because he is sweet, sensitive, and caring. He knows exactly how to make a girl feel special. He is drop-dead gorgeous. He is also very smart.

Created by: Taylor
  1. What time was Harry Styles born?
  2. How many pounds was Harry when he was born?
  3. What is Harry's moms name?
  4. When was Harry born?
  5. What is Harry's sister's name?
  6. Where was Harry born?
  7. DO you really know Harry Styles?
  8. Does Harry have four nipples?
  9. Does Harry prefer younger or older women?
  10. Will you comment not that it bothers me if you don't but just asking.

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Quiz topic: Do I know Harry Styles?