How Well Do You Know Harry Styles From One Direction?

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There are many Directioners in this world, but you can prove you are 100 percent Directioner by taking this test! Prove your friends wrong about the cutie Harry Styles.

Are YOU a Directioner? Do you know all the juicy gossip and basic facts about Harry styles? Take this test to answer those questions and prove you are a Styler!

Created by: MandyySue
  1. What is Harry Styles' middle name?
  2. What is Harry Styles' birth date?
  3. Who is Harry Styles' mother?
  4. Who is Harry Styles' father?
  5. What is Harry Styles' height?
  6. Harry dated much-older television presenter Caroline Flack in what year?
  7. Harry Styles AKA ?
  8. What is Harry Styles' sister's name?
  9. In the band he is known as:
  10. What is Harry Styles' fear?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Harry Styles From One Direction?