So you think you know Harry Styles?

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Harry Styles is an English pop singer-songwriter, known as a member of the boy band One Direction. And of course everyone knows of 1D. How about you?

So, do you think you know about Harry Styles? Are you sure? Take this quiz and see if you know well about him. It's all about his interests though. All the best!

Created by: aadee
  1. When is Harry's birthday?
  2. What is his middle name?
  3. What is his star sign?
  4. Where did he spend his childhood?
  5. Which football team does he support?
  6. What are his favourite colours?
  7. What are his favourite animals?
  8. If he could have a superpower, what would he wish for?
  9. What is his favourite TV show?
  10. What is his favourite food?

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