Harry Potter - Discover Your Wand Wood - Summer Birth

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Have you ever wondered what your spiritual tree wood would be? Do you want to know what your wand wood would be if you were in the Harry Potter series?

Take this quiz to find out! This is if you were born in Summer, of course. This quiz uses the Celtic Tree Calendar to determine your wood, like J.K Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter. Remember to answer honestly!

Created by: Graham of msn
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  1. What month is your birthday?
  2. Do you nuts or berries?
  3. Could you possibly narrow your birth down a bit?
  4. Does family come first for you?
  5. Do you usually "judge a book by its cover"?
  6. Do you work hard?
  7. If someone was confessing something terrible to you, what is your reaction?
  8. A family member has just had a baby and they trust you to look after it for half an hour while they nip over to get some milk at the supermarket. Just then, the baby starts crying! What do you do?
  9. Your history teacher announces a trip to the war graves in Belgium is coming up and you are to sign a list if you want to go. This is a life-changing experience! The bell rings. You...
  10. You visit an art gallery with a family member. What kind of paintings do you view the most while you're there?
  11. It's a test today and the teacher tells you to put your notes away so NO CHEATING! What do you do?
  12. How confident are you to accomplish your goals in life?
  13. In class you are split into groups to have multi-sided debate. You are nominated as your group leader to speak up on behalf of your group. You then say:
  14. "The librarian ran down the corridor but in her haste, tripped over a pile of books." What are your thoughts now?
  15. How do you regard life experiences?
  16. LAST QUESTION: What is you Star Sign?

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