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The wand is an essential element within the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Every wizard needs a wand, after all. And it must be the right wand to fit the student. Want to know what type of wand you'd have? Look at our quizzes below.

Our Wands Quizzes

  • Ollivanders Bespoke Wand Selector
    [by: Redwood, rated: rated: 4.05/5, published: Jan 8, 2016]

    This quiz will craft for you a custom wand ideally suited for you. Thirteen questions are all it takes.

  • What Harry Potter Wand Are You?
    [by: A.J., rated: rated: 3.85/5, published: Jun 25, 2007]

    Ever wondered what kind of wand you would get if you weren't a Muggle? Me too. So I created this quiz, and matched up personalities with types of wood, wand…

  • The Wand Chooses the Wizard
    [by: MidnightAuror, rated: rated: 3.73/5, published: Oct 27, 2015]

    Are you a witch or wizard from my generation that never made it to Hogwarts due to the loss of so many Muggle-Born or Half Blood records? Then this quiz was…

  • Harry Potter - Discover Your Foreign Wand Core
    [by: Graham, rated: rated: 3.5/5, published: May 27, 2010]

    OK, you know your wand wood and perhaps your core from Ollivander - but have you wondered what your core would be if you came from a foreign land and…

  • Harry Potter - What Does Your Wand Look Like?
    [by: Graham, rated: rated: 3.28/5, published: Aug 30, 2010]

    OK, you've found the wood and/core of your wand (unless you haven't tried out my other quizzes), now it's time to find out what your wand LOOKS like.

  • Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC
    [by: Gryffindor, rated: rated: 3.24/5, published: Oct 4, 2015]

    Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC, sounds great, right? Wands are actually a tool for potions, transfiguration, or perhaps charms. It is…

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