What is your Wizarding World wands wood type?

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You’ve arrived at hogwarts, you have bought everything on the list and all you need is a wand. Here’s my quiz for you to find the perfect wand that chooses you.

In this quiz I included all the wand wood types : Yews, Fir, Elm, Vine, Holly, Hawthorn, Cypress and Elder. You have only 10 questions to answer. I hope you like it! Please rate and comment.

Created by: Severus Snape7
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Do you prefer Dark or Light?
  3. Which of these spells would you use the most?
  4. What word describes you the best?
  5. Black or White?
  6. How flexible would you want your wand to be?
  7. What is your favorite magical creature?
  8. What kind of wand do you want?
  9. Which of these characters would you trust the most?
  10. Are you good at spells?

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Quiz topic: What is my Wizarding World wands wood type?