Harry Potter - Discover Your Foreign Wand Core

OK, you know your wand wood and perhaps your core from Ollivander - but have you wondered what your core would be if you came from a foreign land and purchased a Gregorovitch wand?

Well, take this quiz to find out! You can either get a Runespoor Fang, Chimaera Scale, Hippogriff Talon, Pixie Heart, Veela Hair or a Thestral Hair. All matches your personality 100%.

Created by: Graham of msn
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  1. What month is your birthday?
  2. What is your Star Sign?
  3. What is your Celtic Tree Wood?
  4. If you took my quiz to discover your Ollivander wand core, what did you get? (if not, skip to the next)
  5. If you were in the Harry Potter series, what is your blood-status?
  6. What continent are you from?
  7. How tall are you?
  8. What your favourite colour? If none of these are your favourite, pick your second favourite.
  9. What is your favourite school subject?
  10. If you had a wand, how long would you prefer it?
  11. OK, FINAL question, what would be your ideal wand wood?

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Quiz topic: Harry Potter - Discover my Foreign Wand Core