Harry Potter - Discover Your Wand Wood - Winter Birth

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Have you ever wondered what your spiritual tree wood would be? Do you want to know what your wand wood would be if you were in the Harry Potter series?

Take this quiz to find out! This is if you were born in Winter, of course. This quiz uses the Celtic Tree Calendar to determine your wood, like J.K Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter. Remember to answer honestly!

Created by: Graham
  1. What month is your birthday?
  2. Do you prefer flowers or berries?
  3. Could you possibly narrow your birth down a bit?
  4. Your best friend has multi-genitalia!!! You are at your friend's wedding reception making a speech. You...
  5. You are on your first date and your GF/BF (let's say you're single today.) is very nervous. What do you do?
  6. Are you a passionate individual?
  7. There is a big disco this weekend and EVERYONE's gonna be there! You...
  8. Are you frequently misjudged by your peers?
  9. Who are you most likely to be in a gang?
  10. Are you a big influence on people?
  11. Do you enjoy arty stuff? (E.g: Crafts, painting, sketching, working with pastels, etc.)
  12. Last question: How smart are you?
  13. LAST QUESTION: What is your Star Sign?

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