How Long Should My Hair Be? Part 2 Visual

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This is the part of the test that is visual.

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  1. What do you consider, "clean cut?"
  2. You are taking a social studies class, and the man that sits in front of you has his long brown hair loose, and falling far below his shoulders. You want to...
  3. You are taking a lifeguard ing class. The same man with very long brown hair joins you in the hot tub after a lesson. What would you comment him about his hair?
  4. One day, you are sitting in a coffee shop. A man with no hair sits down in the table next to you. Your response is...
  5. Imagine that you run a business. You are about to hire someone. Their application says they are an average worker. The man is broad shouldered, muscular, tall, and has his long brown hair down, which is about around his pecs.
  6. No imagine that he is bald?
  7. Now let's say his hair is about collar length
  8. Were your answers different?
  9. You would most like to look like
  10. Based on how long your hair is now, you would want it to be
  11. If your hair was pec length, you would keep it
  12. Pretend that you are going to a pool party with your friends. How long would your hair be, if it was just for the party?
  13. You have a job interview.
  14. You think men with long hair should
  15. Would you ever pierce your ears?
  16. Would you ever get a tattoo?
  17. Pretend you have long hair and you go to disney world. What would your hair be like while you were there?
  18. Are you classified as a
  19. For these next questions, you must pretend you have long hair. You are doing garden work outside
  20. You air dry your hair on a Saturday morning
  21. You go to church
  22. You go to school or work
  23. You go to a movie with some friends
  24. You go to a formal dinner with some of your friends
  25. You go jogging
  26. You play the guitar
  27. You sing
  28. You go to the beach
  29. You go to an amusement park
  30. Christmas with family
  31. Why would you have long hair?
  32. You reach into a basket. What do you pull out?
  33. Do people annoy you easily?
  34. Which one?
  35. You would rather eat
  36. The last 13 questions are about having long hair. The best part about having long hair is
  37. Another good thing about having it is
  38. Negative things about having long hair
  39. More negative stuff
  40. What don't you like to wear?
  41. Pretend you are wearing a shirt that halfway reveals your chest. Your hair is

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