Immortal part 5

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Hey guys! I'm sorry it took me such a long time! I had been cut off from internet connection for such a long time and it didn't let me post. I'm kind of stuck on part 6 so it might be a while.

here are the descriptions of the guys. Demitri: dark black hair and intense, ocean blue eyes. fit, hot, witty. James: dark brown hair and eyes. strong, good arms and chest, very flirty. Kyle: black hair and darker eyes. mysterious, keeps to himself, looks angry all the time but soft. fit, kind of skinny.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. After the situation at the club, the guys begged us to go to their place. They share an apartment near our apartment area. I declined but they insisted. Hera was willing to negotiate. We decided to meet at 4:00 in the morning at a park midway from our apartments. Hera and I went to my apartment and let off some steam. "What a night, huh?" Hera said, starting the conversation. Once again, not one moment of silence.
  2. Tears stung my eyes and I tried to keep my voice steady as I talked to Hera, "don't you understand? Demitri died! All because of us. Matt was talking about us. He wants us!" Hera spoke softly, "I understand, Emi, but you just met him today. You can't have feelings that strong for someone." I argued with her, my voice strained, "I feel grief for any person who dies and the ones who loved them. Someone died tonight, he died for our safety."
  3. Hera looked nervous, "The others told us that he'd be okay. I...I believe them." I sighed, "Hera, I saw him die right before my eyes. I heard the crack when his neck snapped." "You know what we are. Maybe he's one of us." Hera insisted. I stayed quiet as my watch beeped. We had 10 minutes to get to the park and meet up with the guys. "Come on, let's go." Hera said, heading for the door.
  4. *creak, creak* the sound of Hera and I on the swings was all I could hear in the strange silence of the park. Sleep pulled at my eyelids but I fought it. We have been waiting for 45 minutes now and so far, not one heartbeat or breath was heard. Where were they? Soon, I heard footsteps coming from the far right side of the park and the scent was instantly familiar.
  5. Hera and I immediately stood up, waiting for them to come. My voice got caught in my throat and I froze. It couldn't be him, it's impossible! Hera gave me a "told-you-so" look and crossed her arms across her chest. "Hey, there." the familiar voice spoke, "Did you miss me?" Demitri walked up to me with that amused grin on his face. I scowled as he stood in front of me, blue eyes gleaming. "y-you're dead." I stammered. He blinked and for a moment his smile disappeared.
  6. "Good question," he started, "it's a long, very complicated story." "We've got time." I insisted. "Actually," he argued, "We don't and it's my fault too. Sorry, it's because I'm late." "Yeah, 45 minutes late. Why?" Hera questioned. He ran his fingers through his hair, "Also a good question...that I can't answer." I was getting frustrated, "Why not?" my voice sounded edgy as I said it. He waved his index finger in the air me and turned around, expecting us to follow, "You are just full of good questions, aren't you?"
  7. I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face me, "Yes, I am. I saw you die right before my eyes. How are you alive at this very moment?" He sighed and before he could answer, Kyle and James appeared out of the dark behind him. "Relax, Em, we'll answer all your questions soon." "How soon are you thinking?" Hera asked. James blinked, "Soon." "Right now, you need to follow us." James commanded. The darkness of the night almost wasn't noticeable. Hera and I got used to night vision.
  8. "Where are we going?" Hera asked. "We have to show you something." James answered. Hera and I shared a glance and she gave me a slight nod. We were prepared to run and fight in case anything happened. "Here we are." Kyle spoke for the first time. We were near a parking lot at the park with only one car there. It was a black SUV with tinted windows and it was very big. I felt Hera beside me tense. I've seen these things in movies and this is the part where the girl gets knocked out and kidnapped.
  9. "What's going on, here?" I said, a bit of alarm in my voice. James shook his head and avoided looking into my eyes, "I'm sorry, Em, but it's for your own safety." I widened my eyes as a bag was thrust over my head. I felt bad for whoever put it on me because they discovered how strong I could be. I kicked whoever it was in the back and punched them in the face. I removed the bag from my head and saw that I was fighting Demitri, whose blue eyes were almost glowing.
  10. I gasped and stepped back, running into Kyle. "I'm so sorry." He said as he held me still by the arms. "Me too." I replied as I pushed him to the ground and kicked Demitri in the face. Normally, out of the fight's I've been in, that would have been enough and the fight was over. Somehow, these guys seemed to keep going. I tackled Demitri and with a quick glance examined Hera. She just finished making a cartwheel and knocked James on his butt.
  11. I giggled and Demitri flipped over so that now, I was on the bottom. "Comfy?" I asked, trying to buy time. He grinned, "Absolutely." I hit him with my knee in the gut so that he'd topple over. He made an "oomph!" sound and held me by the shoulders, forcing me against the ground again. I wasn't the fighter type but fighting with them was different. It was fun. Oddly enough, Demitri wasn't hurting me. I guess he just wanted me to go with him.
  12. "Would you girls please stop fighting? This depends on your life." James exclaimed as he stopped Hera's foot in midair. Hera used his hand as leverage and did a back flip, whacking him in the face. "Dang girl! Do you do gymnastics?" James said, rubbing his cheek. Hera scoffed, "They wish!" "Please, it's for your own safety!" Kyle begged. I heard something close by.
  13. The swings were creaking again. "Shh!" I hushed the others. Everyone stood still and I focused on the strange noise. Who would be on the swings at this hour? We all shared glances and for the first time, I felt a little bit of fear. Hera and I nodded at each other and she whispered, "Okay, we'll go with you." Then we all rushed into the car and Kyle drove off quickly. I had window seat by the door. Demitri was sitting shotgun, James sat beside me, and Hera sat opposite window seat. We sat in silence as I kept a steady stare out the window, making sure I knew which way we were going.
  14. "Nice ride." Hera commented. I glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Kyle grin, "Thanks. Bought it myself." "Really?" I asked, "Considering the looks of it, this car is very expensive. I mean, look at the radio station, the A.C. vents, speakers, I saw the tires earlier and these are some pretty good brand. I don't even want to think about the engine. You bought this with your own money?" Kyle glanced at his lap for a moment then focused on the road, "uh, yeah. We all pitched in for a little, right guys?" Kyle said with a bit of a tremble in his voice. The other two mumbled in agreement.
  15. We took an abrupt turn to the right and I was forced onto James. "Whoa!" he breathed. I blushed and pulled my hair away from my face, "sorry." He smiled and those big brown eyes caught my breath, "Don't be," he said. He opened his mouth to say more but Demitri interrupted him, "James... we have a problem." James pulled his eyes away from yours and looked at Demitri, "what?" "We're being followed." Kyle answered in a low voice. "What do we do?" Hera asked, surprisingly serious. I could hear Demitri's grin in his tone of voice, "Lose "˜em."
  16. "You might want to hang on to something." Kyle said, taking another rough turn onto a bumpy road. James gave me his arm and I held it tightly. Somehow he stayed stable throughout the ride. We drove into the woods nearby, lights off completely and we were supposed to remain silent. "Do you even know where you're going?" Hera said with a tone of edge in her voice. "Calm down," Kyle whispered, "I know what I'm doing. I just need that car out of sight." It was as dark as Kyle's eyes out here and I was getting very sleepy. My night vision was starting to tire out my eyes.
  17. "Wait a minute," I said as Kyle took a road back to the edge of the forest, "How can you see?" Kyle shook his head, baffled by my question. Demitri answered me in his usual clever way, "with his eyes, just like you. He's not blind, you know." I rolled my eyes, "No, I mean it's really dark out and there's no light. How does he see the road?" Kyle Shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I've had practice with it, that's all." I glanced back out the window, not knowing where I was but at least I was with familiar and good people. They may be suspicious but they have proven trustworthy.
  18. We finally arrived at a large house that was beautiful. It was two stories high and very elegant. Its walls were painted a pearl white and the doors were white with gold outlines in a window arched like a crown at the top of the door. The door knob was golden, as well. "This is where you live?" Hera asked, mystified of the house. James blushed, "Yeah, it belongs to my step-brother." I gave him a suspicious look, "Wait a minute; I thought you said you lived in an apartment, on the other side of the park." "That place is our runaway shelter. We weren't lying about it. It's where we go in case anything bad happens." Kyle spoke innocently.
  19. We drove up into a garage with two other fancy cars. One was a silver Ford Mustang convertible. The other was a black truck that looked new but I couldn't tell if it was a good car. I'll check that out later, I thought to myself. "These are some expensive cars." I told the others. I could tell Hera rolled her eyes. "How'd you afford them all?" I asked, ignoring Hera's annoyance. "We're funded from an agency you will soon learn about. I'm supposed to have my Step-brother tell you about this so let's go inside and we'll explain this all to you."
  20. Demitri opened the door for me and helped me down. "You know," he whispered in my ear, "you're a pretty good fighter." "You're not so bad yourself." I whispered back, walking ahead of him to the door. When I entered the living room, my mouth dropped in awe. Everything looked so sophisticated yet cozy. The fancy swirls on the wallpaper to the comfortable couches in front of the plasma flat screen T.V showed that it was a dream house. Hera whistled, "Nice place." "You can say that again." I breathed, taken aback by the sight.
  21. "James, is that you?" a voice I didn't recognize called from the kitchen. James opened his mouth but Demitri answered, "No, it's actually me with two lame guys and two beautiful ladies. Hope it's not a disappointment." He winked at me. I blushed and followed James into the kitchen. The kitchen was beige with a granite counter and finely carved wood for cabinets. What a beautiful kitchen! I thought to myself. Hera elbowed me, pulling me out of my thoughts. She made a face I knew well and motioned to the boy speaking with James. This must be his step brother.
  22. He was a little taller than the other boys, light brown hair that looked almost blonde and hazel eyes. He looked like he hadn't shaved but that gave him a more handsome look. His chin was finely set with perfectly carved sideburns. He was handsome and looked more like a man than a young man. I saw the look on Hera's face and couldn't help thinking about Hera when we went to a fancy restaurant before a school dance. A very handsome waiter took our orders and asked her, "How do you like your meat?" Hera gave him her wicked smile and answered, "Well done." He walked away and Hera mumbled to me as she took a sip of her drink, "Just like I like my men well grown."
  23. I thought now, this is Hera's ideal man. "These must be the ladies." He said, keeping Hera's gaze and waving a hand at me. Wonderful, I thought, her plan is going better than I expected. I knew her set like I knew the back of my hand. First, she held their gaze, captivating them with her eyes, then she lured them in with her charm, next thing you know, she has them wrapped around her dainty little finger. If she really likes him, they stay, if she doesn't, she drops them like a forgotten penny falling out of a stranger's pocket. I've always admired that about her. She's not afraid to hurt someone.
  24. I took out the crumpled note and she snatched it out of my hand, reading it out loud, "To Emilia & Hera, meet me alone at 12:00pm on the 13th at the South Chamberlain parking lot or one of your pretty boys disappears." I looked at her, "That's two days from now." "We can't ignore that." Hera breathed, obviously shaken. "Wait, how'd they know about the boys when we barely met them yesterday?" I thought aloud. We stood silent, thinking about certain possibilities. That's when I noticed, "Uh, Hera? I think we're lost."

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