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Hey readers! hope you liked this one. sorry it took me a while to post it. i went out of town for winter vacation but i'm back now. I hope you guys liked this one and the next part is coming out soon. Happy Holidays everyone!

here are the descriptions of the guys. Demitri: dark black hair and intense, ocean blue eyes. fit, hot, witty. James: dark brown hair and eyes. strong, good arms and chest, very flirty. Kyle: black hair and darker eyes. mysterious, keeps to himself, looks angry all the time but soft. fit, kind of skinny.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. We walked in together. James tried to hold my hand plenty times on the walk. Kyle glanced at him a few times, he didn't look pleased but Demitri bumped into me a few times, clearly on purpose. As I stopped in the hallway to open the door, James already beat me to it. I looked at the floor and walked through. Then I realized how ridiculous I was being. If Hera were in my position, she would have had everyone in the palm of her hand. I wasn't Hera but I was close enough.
  2. I lifted my head and Demitri asked me, "So you sing?" I nodded. I'm Mrs. Halls' favorite and she knows it but she still tries to be fair with the other students. "I dabble. You sing too?" Demitri shrugged, "No, not at all, really. The office lady just didn't let me have a free period and, without my consult, put me in this class."
  3. I walked to my usual spot, left corner of the second row. James stood behind me on the 3rd row, left corner and Demitri beside him. Kyle hesitantly, but eventually stood next to me and I smiled at him. He was such a shy boy. He didn't react but I felt him tense. All the students started mumbling and whispering when I walked in with all the boys.
  4. James elbowed me, "Do they always stare at you?" I laughed, "It's not me they're staring at." James chuckled. "Well, you can't blame "˜em for staring. I mean, just look at me." I knew he was joking but when I looked at him, I froze up. He flashed me a winning smile and some girls in a corner giggled. I turned my back to him as Mrs. Halls walked into the room.
  5. She was mumbling to herself, as always, because there is always something in her life that stresses her out. "Okay class," she began, "give me an A." she hit the note on the piano and the class sang in perfect harmony. None of the boys were cooperating. "Wonderful. Warm-ups please." We sang scales and children's lullabies before Mrs. Halls finally let us start the real song.
  6. "Our soloist for "˜Colors of the Wind' will be, drum roll please," the class drummed their hands on their laps, "Emilia." The class applauded. James Grinned widely and Demitri winked at you. Kyle looked at you and smiled shyly. He looked back at the ground. "Our back up will be Alyssa." Mrs. Halls informed, "now let's start this from the beginning please." I stepped up to center stage and cleared my throat, waiting for my cue.
  7. After I finished singing, I walked back to my place and saw James's mouth dangling open, Demitri had his eyebrows raised, and Kyle stared at you, wide-eyed. His pitch black eyes were so enchanting but he pulled his gaze away to the ground again. Why does he always do that? Class ended and I had my last period with Hera and Kyle.
  8. Kyle walked with me and I could hear girls giggling, "Oh, isn't he so cute?"One girl said. Another said, "Yummy, he looks delicious." Then a group of guys passed us and whistled at me, "hey sweetheart, come for a kiss?" they made kissing noises at me and I shook my head. "So Kyle," I said, he glanced between me and the floor, "I don't mean to be rude or anything but are you mute?" he chuckled, "no, I'm not. I just don't talk much." I smiled, "I noticed. Why not?"
  9. "I don't know. I'm just a naturally quiet person." He shrugged. We stopped at the door as a group of people swarmed in, "so you're no fun?" I frowned. He gave a half-smile, "I'm fun." I walked into the room saying, "prove it." just before another group passed, leaving him behind. I took a seat next to Hera.
  10. "Thank goodness you're here. Don't you dare leave me alone during Physics!" Hera said as she pulled me down to the seat next to her. I laughed and Kyle took a seat at the table with Hera and I. "how?" he asked quietly, probably getting shy in front of Hera. "Meet me here at 9:30" I said handing him a note of the place Hera and I go clubbing. "Hera and I know the owners. Just show the security the note and you'll be in." I glanced at Hera. Her lips twisted into her evil little smile. "Sure, you're not flirting." She said so quietly, so that only I could hear her.
  11. *FAST FORWARD* Hera and I were already in the club, sitting at the bar. "So you invited them." Hera chimed. I sipped my root beer and nodded, "they looked like they needed to have some fun. Besides, they were cute." Hera rolled her eyes and shouted to the bartender, "Give me another hit, I got a feeling tonight's gonna be fun." The bartender did as told and didn't accept payment from her. "The dude over there paid for you." He said, pointing at a tall, blonde man in his mid-20. "Eew." Hera said, "He's old."
  12. "Hera!" I laughed, "That's rude!" she scoffed, "whatever, let's dance." We went to the center of the dance floor and started dancing. Two guys came up to us. One went straight to dancing with Hera as the other was about to come to me when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see Erika, the girl who runs the club. Hera and I stopped the club from burning down a few years ago so in form of gratitude, she said we were always welcome in her club with free sodas and 50% off alcoholic drinks.
  13. "Hey, Erika." I said, hugging her. She smiled and pointed to the stage shouting, "You're on in 10 minutes. The crowd's begging for you." I nodded and thanked her. I have been performing as lead singer in this band for 3 years now and I was known by anyone who has ever been to the club, "Moonlight Merge." Hera heard and waved her hand in front of me, as if to shoo me away, "go, I'll be fine here." I smiled as I walked away, "of course you will."
  14. Our band was called, "The Night Crawlers" because we could play all night nonstop. I greeted them all, Lisa, Adam, Liz, and Josh. Erika stepped up to the microphone and gave us a great introduction as always. As the crowd cheered I ran to the microphone and gripped it tightly. "What song?" Liz whispered, asking the band. Adam set himself up on the Guitar and said, "All Night Long." This was his favorite song that Lisa wrote herself for us. It was our signature song.
  15. Liz started us off on her Keyboard and cued me in. I sang ominously into the mike, "In the dark, when you're scared, and you feel like you're not alone," Josh softly tapped the symbols as Lisa sang eerie "ooh's and aah's" in the background before coming in on base. The tempo picked up and everyone cheered for the upbeat chorus, "We're gonna be here All Night Long! Let's dance in the moonlight and Sing in the dark. We're not doing anything wrong so let's stay up all! Night! Long!"
  16. The crowd cheered and the band decided to start playing covers of different songs. Our next song was "Break your little heart" by "All Time Low." Normally it didn't sound very good with a female voice but Lisa altered it so that I could sing it in my key and it sounded pretty good. The audience sure loved it. Just as I was singing the chorus, the boys walked into the club and my heart picked up speed.
  17. I started jumping on stage to shake it off and give the crowd a show. *Just pretend they're not there.* I told myself. Somehow it worked and I carried on with the next 5 songs until we finished our set. I stepped off stage and many people congratulated me. I walked up to Kyle. "Hey." I greeted him. "Hey. That was really good." Kyle said. James Nodded excitedly, "Do you do this every day?" "Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends." Demitri didn't say hi but the way he looked at me with those big hypnotizing eyes showed he didn't have to.
  18. Liz stepped up to me and flipped her blonde bangs out of her face, "Emi! That guy over there is calling you. Says he wants to talk to you." We all glanced in that direction and saw the blonde man that bought Hera's drink earlier. The guys stiffened and I looked at them suspiciously. "Is something wrong?" James slightly shook his head but the other boys didn't say anything at all, standing tall and stiff. My 6th sense warned me to not go to the man. That there was something wrong with him but I had to be polite and go to him. Besides, it's not like he could kill me and I'm probably as strong as he is.
  19. I walked up to the man and he shook my hand, "Hi. You did a wonderful job up there." "Thank you." I said shyly, "My friend said you wanted to talk to me." "Yes," he nodded as he dug for something in his pocket. I could hear change jingling and paper crumbling in his small pocket. I should have been scared but, I felt somewhat safe with him. I could feel the guys on the other side of the room tense and I heard James walking closer to us, "You have some protective friends. That's good." The man said.
  20. "Huh?" I asked, "Oh! My friends. Yeah, I don't know what's going on with them. They're not usually like this." I apologized. The man finally got what he reached for and it was a small note. "Well, in that case let's make this quick. I was sent to give this to you and Hera." I widened my eyes in shock, he knew our names. James picked up his pace. "Who are you?" I asked as my heartbeat quickened. A group of people rushed between us shouting orders at the bartender and dancing.
  21. The man replied in an even tone, as if he knew I could hear him clearly, "I'm friends with the old man you helped a few years ago. He asked me to give you this on his deathbed." And with that he was gone. I couldn't trace his scent of beer and pizza. I couldn't find a heartbeat pattern or spot his blonde hair. He was gone and in my hand, I held a crumpled piece of paper with the names, "Emilia & Hera."

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