How Well Do You Know GTQ Users?

There are many user here on GoToQuiz, in fsct, there are far to many to name! But how many can you really name and identify? Do you really know the user who you see daily on the forums?

How well do you really know the users here? Do you up really know the people who you converse daily with? Find out by Taking this how well do you know GTQ users test.

Created by: Wendee30

  1. (Current) Longest official thread.
  2. Twelve-year-old 1D fantic
  3. Rosio
  4. Joined on Apr 7, 2013.
  5. Chronicles of Narnia fantic.
  6. Amateur anime artist.
  7. Is paralyzed from the legs down.
  8. Joined on May 12, 2014.
  9. Has 49 quizzes (currently)
  10. Biggest GTQ player.
  11. Maru
  12. Female turtle.
  13. Joined on Mar 14, 2015
  14. Satanist
  15. Space fantic
  16. Female debater
  17. Joined on Mar 28, 2015
  18. Video game nerd
  19. Beach guy.
  20. Joined on Sep 13, 2009
  21. Joined on Feb 21, 2012
  22. Last name is Shepherd,
  23. Created an quiz called "So you think you can fight?"
  24. Made a favorite christmas song poll
  25. Studied world religions.
  26. Ogre fantic
  27. Has a crush on Girl_Alimighty.
  28. Joined on Oct. 27, 2014
  29. Created a quiz series called "can you survive my mind"
  30. Created a quiz series called "can you survive my mind"
  31. Current profile pic is a picture of Rapunzel and her lizard.
  32. Official thread welcomes users into their school
  33. Last thread posted on before dormant tendency was called: "GET OVER HERE AND TAKE THIS POLL!"
  34. Lesbian
  35. Has many OC's and second accounts portraying abstract parallel versions of her main account.
  36. Multi username portraying a female spinoff of the standard name for an a coma patient.
  37. Kate,
  38. Ths sscond person to post on "official darkness thread".
  39. Official thread name states an generic word for a natural disturbance.
  40. 09 user
  41. Communist
  42. Joined on Feb 18, 2011

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know GTQ Users?