Online Survey Test

As a result of the comments we've been recieving, a member of GTQ decided to make the survey for users to openly share their thoughts and opinions on the topics given in this quiz.

Just take 5 minutes of your time to answer this user survey which will be used to improve your GTQ experience. This quiz will ask you questions like Moding duties and User activity.

Created by: HeloChooper312
  1. How do you describe the Forums in terms of user liveliness and forum activity?
  2. Based on your observations, how would you describe user interactions and sociality?
  3. In your own opinion, are user statuses enviable to user of lower statuses?
  4. How would you describe Moderation activities?
  5. Do Moderators interact with users or do they stick to their duties alone?
  6. Do users frequent some Forums more than the others?
  7. Do you find Difficult and Challenging in Terms of Navigation?
  8. Do you care about gaining popularity on the Quizzes and Forums?
  9. Would you encourage age respect among users?
  10. Do you like the 'Only English' policy?
  11. Does GTQ need more improvements?

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